We check out the best of the local colleges in London

With more than thirty two local colleges in the London area it's no surprise that so many people find it difficult to pinpoint exactly where they'd like to go to continue in their education. With so much choice on offer, making the correct decision may seem like a stab in the dark, but if you put in plenty of research and talk to any of your friends or family who have attended any of the colleges in the area then you can give yourself the best possible chance of making the right decision.

The choice you make depends very much on what it is that you'd like to study. For example, Bexley college (bexley.ac.uk) offers University level qualifications in computing, health & social care, built environment, business, tourism and much more, with qualifications awarded by the University of Grenwich.

Lambeth College (lablethcollege.ac.uk) is an excellent choice for anyone interested in the literary world. It can boast a partnership with the National council for the Training of Journalists, meaning that you'll be on the right track to find yourself a job in the industry by the time you graduate.

Uxbridge College (uxbridge.ac.uk) has a number of excellent courses in business management, computing, information technology, engineering and teacher training, while also offering ties to Brunel, Bucks New University and the University of West London for those who wish to go that little bit further with their studies when they graduate.

For a complete list of all the colleges in the London area as well as plenty of information for prospective students, be sure to check out the highly informative londoncolleges.com.


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