Looking for a job in Ireland? Discover all about Loadza Jobs here!

Loadza Jobs were established in 2005 and have thousands of vacancies from both Southern Ireland and Northern Ireland.

They pull their jobs from other online recruitment websites, a list of newspapers and certain recruitment agencies so as you can imagine, this can save you "loadza time" in your job hunt!

Their search feature is second to none and you can easily search for the job you want by using the "what and where" search boxes. So if you are an accountant living in Wicklow, simply type "accountant" and "Wicklow" into the respective boxes. If you would prefer, you can choose to search for jobs by industry.

The website allows you to apply for as many jobs as you like providing you have a copy of your CV stored on your computer or laptop. Why not build your own profile where you can safely store your CV, register to receive job alerts and do a whole lot more.

They offer jobs in almost every industry so whether you are looking for hairdressing jobs or plumbing apprenticeships, loadzajobs.ie will have something for you.

But that's not all - they offer some great advice on building your CV and even provide some templates that you can use. There are loads of articles about the economy so you know where the hottest jobs can be found.

If you are planning on attending a training course, there is also plenty of information about courses and certificates happening in your area. So log onto loadzajobs.ie today and take a look for yourself!

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