Liverpool jobs

Arguably the UK's most famous city, Liverpool, is a great place to look for work. There are opportunities to be found for many jobs. All you need to know is where to start looking and in no time at all the offers will be flooding in.

The largest network of regional jobsites in the UK, MyJobGroup Ltd, have a site advertising vacancies specifically in Liverpool, myliverpooljobs.co.uk. On this site you will find thousands of vacancies in many diverse sectors of the economy including IT, sales, legal, administration and engineering. It's completely free to use and all you need to do is send in a CV. E-mail alerts are available if you want to be notified of positions that suit you as soon as they become available, so that you never miss out on the perfect job.

The Liverpool Echo website is also worth checking out with hundreds of vacancies advertised. There are jobs available right across Liverpool and its surrounding areas for all types of people. Waiters, carpenters, painters, bar workers, bankers, stock brokers, nurses and many, many more are all required to start work straight away. Word has it even Rafa Benitez has been checking out the jobs section!

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