Tired of looking for Liverpool city centre jobs?

When searching for a new job, one of the major factors for many people is the location. This is why Liverpool city centre jobs are so popular for people living in and around the Liverpool area. Not only will they be able to take advantage of the superior public transport on offer, but they'll also be surrounded by an energetic and bustling city, which can often inspire one to perform to the best of one's abilities at all times.

However, since city centre jobs are so sought-after, it can be tricky to identify just where the major opportunities lie. Rather than relying on the various online job sites, which are currently full to breaking point when it comes to job hunters, we recommend that you take some of the stress of the job hunt off your shoulders and take a look at some of the excellent recruitment agencies found in the Liverpool area.

These recruitment agencies have built up hundreds of excellent contacts throughout the years, and they represent the best possible chance you have of getting your foot in the door in a new Liverpool city centre job. It doesn't matter what industry your area of expertise lies within, these recruitment agencies have contacts across all sectors, so should you have sufficient work experience and knowledge in your field, they should be able to place you in a job in relatively short order.

There are many different recruitment agencies to be found in the Liverpool area, so deciding which one is right for you can be a tough task. To help you make a decision, we have included a list of some of the most prestigious recruitment agencies in Liverpool below;

  • Search Consultancy (42 Castle Street)
  • Kelly Services (The Plaza, 100 Old Hall Street)
  • Top Gear Recruitment (36 Bixteth Street)
  • Brook Street (46 Castle Street)


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