Find out how to live and work in canada 2011

If you're looking to live and work in canada 2011 then you're in luck, the Canadian government are currently accepting applications from UK citizens, and the application process is relatively painless. We've got all the information right here.

With jobs a little thin on the ground in the UK, more and more Brits are looking across the Atlantic Ocean to Canada as a safe haven. The Canadian government is happy to allow this immigration, and devotes 5,000 visas per year to UK citizens so they can live and work in Canada.

This programme is called the International Experience Canada, and it aims to give young UK citizens a flavour of what it's like to live and work in the country. You can apply for the programme at this page - http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/united_kingdom-royaume_uni/work-travail/index.aspx. Upon applying, you will be asked to download an application kit.

In this kit, you'll fill in various personal information about yourself, then you'll also have to get a Police Certificate, as well as a bank statement that proves you have the equivalent of $3,000 in a bank account. If you don't have this money to hand, it's possible to get a relative to vouch for you.

Once you submit your application, you're looking at a six-ten week turnaround before you'll be granted a work permit. the reason for this delay is the fact that this is the first year that applications are being handled by the Canadian High Commission directly in London.

live and work in canada 2011

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