Trying to narrow down the list of careers you're interested in?

Whether you're a school leaver, college graduate or simply someone who wants to get out of that dead end job and follow your dreams into one of the careers you have always had an eye on, it can be difficult at the best of times to narrow down exactly what jobs are the most realistic or attainable on your list of careers.

Guidance counsellors and job centre employees can be very helpful in this respect, but without feedback from people who have real experience working in the positions that you are interested in it can still prove to be a little tricky making the right choice.

It certainly doesn't help that the economy is still in recession and the number of jobs available out there at the moment seems to be dwindling with each passing week, but there are plenty of excellent online resources on the internet that can offer you some practical and unbiased information that can help you to narrow down your list of careers.

For example, if you take a look at prospect.ac.uk you'll find an exhaustive list of careers, with in depth analysis of the job itself, the entry requirements necessary to get your foot in the door, the kind of salary expectations you can have and a list of related resources to help you find work, as well as learn more about the field of your interest.

Likewise, at direct.gov.uk you'll find hundreds of pages of brilliantly written advice on just what you can do in order to make your dream career move become a reality. From suggesting training courses, to talking about companies who may have vacancies, you'll find everything you need right there.

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