Let us help you find Lincoln student job and supermarket jobs

While people seem to think that the majority of students are lazy layabouts, we know that this simply isn't true. With so much on their plate with school, it's amazing to see that they are willing to get out there and work during their rare downtime in order to make their lives a little bit easier in terms of finances.

If you're one of these students, and you're on the lookout for a Lincoln student job or casual jobs but haven't been having all that much success in your search, this guide should be able to help you out by suggesting some places to try.

Since your main concern is getting the best grades possible in school, you don't want to be sacrificing valuable study time in order to work, so it's essential that you find an employer willing to allow you to be flexible with your hours.

For the most part, your best chance of employment will come within the retail sector. There are countless stores in the Lincoln area, so finding one to take you on isn't actually as difficult as you might think.

While many people seem to gravitate towards the larger department stores or trendy franchise chains, we recommend that you look at the supermarket chains in order to find Lincoln student job and supermarket jobs. These supermarkets offer a much greater degree of flexibility, the potential for more hours, and the same £5.93 per hour wage as you would find anywhere else.

Your best bet when it comes to finding work in supermarkets in Lincoln is to call into the store in person to enquire about vacancies, if you're new to the area then this list of supermarkets should come in handy;

  • Morrisons, Tritton Road
  • Iceland, 334-337 High Street
  • Waitrose, Searsby Road
  • Tesco, Wragby Road
  • Lidl, The Sidings


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