Let us help you find Limerick jobs

We all know that the Irish economy has seen better days. And yet despite all the doom and gloom in the national media there are actually plenty of job opportunities out there for those who know where to look. Due to an over-reliance by the current generation of Irish job hunters on the online side of the job search, people who opt for more traditional methods are more likely to succeed in their search.

Because Ireland is such a small country, online job search websites mean that people from all over the country are applying for any jobs they can find on the whole of the Island. Unlike in the United Kingdom where people tend to only search for vacancies in the area close to them, Irish people are more willing than ever to relocate to another part of the country if it means getting out of the dole queue and back into the work force.

So rather than putting yourself up against tens of thousands of people, we recommend you take a look at some of the great recruitment agencies in the Limerick area. These companies have got years worth of experience and should be able to place you in excellent Limerick jobs without any drama.

The majority of the positions on offer with these recruitment agencies tend to be temporary clerical positions, which should suit anyone who has a history of working in that area. Even if you've never worked in an office before, you should be able to find work off the back of your knowledge of some of the most popular office based computer software such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.

The average wage for these temporary positions tends to be in the region of €9.00 to €9.25 per hour after the agency has taken its cut and, although you might not get the same number of hours you would in a full time permanent position, this should be enough to see you through the tough financial times ahead.

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