Huge numbers of LGV jobs available in the UK

Some people were born to be on the road. For this group of people, LGV jobs offer the opportunity to do something you love for a living and earn competitive wages.

The most important thing to possess for LGV jobs is the appropriate licence. A Category C licence is required for driving LGVs.

You'll probably need to do some training before taking the test. A 5 day training course for the Category C licence costs around £600. If you feel you need more training, a 10 day course is available for about £1000. It's also necessary to pass a theory test for this licence. The cost of the theory test is £40.

There are numerous job sites that are excellent for finding out what LGV jobs are available. Some of the top sites to keep an eye on include Driving Jobs, LGV Jobs, Job Rapido and Total Jobs. New vacancies are added to these sites every day, so drop in to see what's on offer as often as you like.

LGV drivers earn attractive wages in the UK. The average salary for this position in 2010 was £23k.

There are some things that are important to be aware of when driving LGVs. If you're carrying passengers, be sure to check that your insurance allows you to do this. Remember that using a mobile phone is illegal while driving in the UK. A small mistake like this could cost you your job. And make sure that nothing obstructs your view of the road while driving, such as hanging decorations.

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