Lets check out the Ikea Dublin job vacancies

Since opening their Irish branch in 2009, Ikea have been revolutionising the way Irish people shop for furniture and household goods. No longer will people in Ireland put up with paying top dollar for second rate goods. With the size of the Ikea store (the biggest in Ireland) obviously comes a pressing need to find staff.

Ikea regularly ranks highly in "Best places to work" polls, so if you've been looking to get a Ikea Dublin job vacancies, then lets see what's available now. The first and only port of call for this is the Ikea website at http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_IE, so lets take a look.

Right now, Ikea are advertising for three different available roles in their Dublin operation. The position of Customer Relations Manager, Risk and Health and Safety Manager, and Store Sales Manager. All three jobs can be applied for online on the Ikea website.

More secondary roles such as regular shop assistant roles are generally filled by people bringing their CV into the store and handing it to a manager. If you are unsure of what working for Ikea is like, then they even have a survey on their site where you can establish your "Ikeaness" and suitability for working there.

There are even testimonies from around 130,000 Ikea staff about the positive experiences they have enjoyed while working there, on the site. You can read some of their accounts at http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_IE/the_ikea_story/working_at_ikea/co_worker_stories.html.

Check it out today, you could find your dream job!

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