Working in a leisure centre

A leisure centre is basically a gym or health and fitness club that is usually exclusive to its members. It often comes with its own swimming pool as well. There are a number of leisure centres that are, however, operated or funded by the government and are thus open to the public.


This is the official website of Parkwood Leisure. Its Careers / Jobs section offers an easy-to-use internal search engine for job vacancies, although it also has a list of current vacancies on the side. Working for Parkwood Leisure will entitle you to enjoy various benefits, such as free use of the company’s facilities, a maximum of 30 holidays per year and a pension scheme that is non-contributory.


One of the nice features of the website’s Careers section is its Job and Career Paths. On this page, you are given a glimpse of the basic organisational chart of the company. With this illustration, you at least have an idea of which department your preferred job is under in. This illustration can also help you effectively map out your strategy until you go all the way to the top.

Its Real Career Stories, on the other hand, are quite inspiring and make you want to work all the more for this great company.

There are different types of jobs available in a leisure centre, but expect all of them to require applicants to display excellent customer service skills. In an industry dominated by membership-only sales, how you treat your customers will prove to be the ultimate competitive advantage.

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