Looking for a Leicester employment opportunity?

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Finding a job these days isn't as easy as it was a couple of years ago. There is a shortage of new jobs hitting the market and finding a Leicester employment opportunity will require time and patience.

Before you even consider applying for a job, have a look that your CV is still relevant and looking well. Make sure any experience you have listed is relevant to any jobs you are applying to. Run it through a spelling and grammar check as well as employers won't take too kindly to badly presented CVs.

So when it comes to looking for vacancies, you should start with the local media. Keep an eye on newspapers such as The Leicester Mercury and listen out to radio stations like Capital FM.

If you are looking for a full time career, job recruitment websites are definitely worth visiting. You can even apply to jobs online by attaching your CV to an online application form. Some of the best websites include:

  • Jobisjob.co.uk
  • Myleicesterjobs.co.uk
  • Totaljobs.com

When looking for part time jobs, most of these websites aren't that great. One that is worth trying is ukparttimejobs.co.uk. You could just take a walk through the streets and hand your CV into any place that you would be interested in working in. This has proven to be one of the best ways to find a Leicester employment opportunity quickly. There are loads of shopping centres that you should try. Take a look at St Martin's Square, Beaumont or Fosse shopping park where between them, you will find hundreds of places to find a good job.

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