We take a look at legal executive jobs in Scotland

Jobs in the legal profession highly sought-after, due to their much respected nature and the fact that the money available is more than most jobs can offer. However getting into the legal profession can be tricky, as well as very expensive, so it's very important that you know exactly what lies ahead of you before you make a final decision to study law in the hope of finding legal executive jobs in Scotland.

In order to become a legal executive, you will first need to be a qualified lawyer. Once you have that out of the way, which is certainly no small task, you then need to work for at least five years with an experienced solicitor either within the private sector or on a governmental national level.

You'll be able to specialise the area of expertise you focus on in your career as a legal executive in Scotland. If you are not entirely sure what this means, or what kind of options are available to you, you can choose something along the lines of family law, civil law, criminal litigation or conveyancing.

Some of the things you need to do in your day-to-day job include attending meetings, interviewing clients, interviewing witnesses, corresponding with clients, corresponding on behalf of clients, issuing writs, researching legal information, preparing accounts, filing paperwork, and much more.

Based on the national average, you can expect to earn between £16,000 and £30,000 per year while working as a legal executive. This will very much depend on the company that you're working for, and area of expertise you offer to them. Once you fully qualified as a leading executive, and have plenty of experience, it is possible to you to make more than £55,000 per year.

There are some excellent resources out there for those who are searching for legal jobs, we recommend you check out the following;

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  • slgov.org.uk
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