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Leeds Job Center jobs

The Job Center Plus network is a government run agency that was officially set up in 2002. It is designed to aid both jobseekers and employers to fill employment vacancies. There are hundreds of job centers throughout the UK, and as with all of them, the Leeds job center features jobs for the surrounding area, national and international jobs.

While each job center focuses primarily on local job listings,the entire service is linked by a single online computer database. This database, known as the Labour Market System (or LMS), is free to use and can be accessed online at jobseekers.direct.gov.uk. Alternatively, specialised kiosks are available in each Job Center Plus for jobseekers to use in order to access the system.

An additional function of the Job Center Plus network is the distribution of social welfare payments. This includes the Jobseekers Allowance, Incapacity Benefit, Income Support, and Employment and Support Allowance. Therefore the Job Center Plus organisation is responsible for submitting benefit claims through their computer service, providing advisers to jobseekers and processing benefit payments.

There are seven Job Center Plus offices located in Leeds and in the surrounding area. Full contact information and addresses are provided on the official government website, using the link provided above. Those who are seeking Leeds Job Center Plus jobs and job listings have two options. They can search the LMS database online, or they can call into their local center. Here they can discuss their position with advisers, and use the facilities to search for jobs and to contact employers.

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