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Leeds City Council are one of the largest employers in the region and working as a member of their team can be very rewarding and if you were lucky enough to get employment with them you will be set up nicely for the future. In this blog we will take a look at the Leeds City Council job vacancies and how to go about applying for the positions.

The vacancies they do be looking to fill are of a wide variety and there is nearly sure to be something that catches your eye. They employ staff such as librarians, engineers, care assistants, gardeners, chefs to name just a few. You can view a full list of the job vacancies on their website http://jobs.leeds.gov.uk.

Now that you have found your job you will need to know how to apply for it. The fastest way to do this is by applying on line. To do this there will be an application form next to the advert you have picked just click on it and you will be able to apply instantly. Alternatively you can call the council recruitment office on 0113 2243357 and they will post you out an application form.

Salaries that accompany Leeds City Council vacancies vary depending on the position you apply for obviously so let's take a look at a few examples of what to expect. They pay salaries of £19,000 to £21,000 for Care Officer's and for the people higher up the ladder at management level there is salaries between £55,000 and £65,000 to be had.

Leeds City Council vacancies are for a wide variety so check them out today because there could be a job for you.

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