Learn to drive with intensive driving courses in Coventry

Taking one of the intensive driving courses in Coventry can teach you to drive with more confidence. If you don’t know how to drive, these courses will give you comprehensive training in a short period of time and you’ll soon be on your way. If you already know how to drive, an intensive driving course can teach you better driving techniques.

Intensive Driving Course Length and Cost

Driving schools can be found all over the UK, and finding one in Coventry is as easy as doing a search on the internet. You can find schools such as One Week Driving Schools, Ignition Driving School and LDC System schools. The length of the course depends on you and how fast you need to be able to obtain your driving licence. Courses offered are normally one to four weeks or longer. Prices range from around £22 per hour, where a 10 hour intensive driving course runs £275, to 30 hours at £695.

Expanded Job Opportunities

Knowing how to drive can land you one of the many Coventry jobs, as having reliable transportation can play a big part in obtaining a job offering. Even if you already know how to drive, taking an intensive driving course can help you feel more confident in your day-to-day commute. Having one of these courses on your CV might even help you get one of the Coventry van driver jobs, as they’ll know you’ve actually had some professional training.

Being a Driver Instructor

To become a driving teacher, you will have to take a different type of driving course. This will include practical learning, as well as theory-based study. You will be required to pass government tests to obtain the proper certification. You can work for a franchise, a regular driving school, or be self-employed. Driving instructors can earn £25k to £35k per annum. When you become a driving instructor, it can be you offering the intensive driving courses in Coventry.


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