Lawyer pay scale UK

Lawyers in the UK are not a group of workers who struggle for money on a regular basis but what exactly are these guys earning? The lawyer pay scale in the UK is not easy to unravel but we’ve had a look around and come up with some numbers that might surprise you. To begin with you’ll need to know that lawyers are split into two groups: solicitors and barristers.


On average a solicitor earns £34,078 per year. This is a job that can be carried out for firms in the private sector or for government agencies so the wages fluctuate wildly among different job roles. Of course location plays a major part in creating differences in the money solicitors earn too. Workers in London carrying out this job earn an average of £46,898. Salaries for those in the capital are anywhere from £26,499 to £85,315. When bonuses are included, the sky really is the limit with this job. When you look at the average for another major UK city, you get a different story. Workers in Manchester get an average of £33,868 per annum for the same job. Even when bonuses are included, the wages only range from £24,171 to £56,714.


In the UK, a barrister can expect to take home an average of £48,280 per year. Across the UK the wages vary from £24,964 to £126,045 as bonuses and experience count for a lot with this job. If you just look at the wages paid out in the capital, you’ll see that the average worker gets £51,556. The wages paid in the capital vary from £24,917 to £150,501 per annum.

Final word

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a solicitor or a barrister, check out our guide to a career in law.

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