Where to find Law Internships for Undergraduates

The legal profession is becoming more and more popular and as a result, law firms are finding new ways to assess potential recruits before they have even graduated. Creating law internships for undergraduates is just one of the ways that law firms have developed for doing this.

What do internships involve?Internships usually last from one to two weeks, but can be more in the bigger firms over the summer months. In those couple of weeks, you will usually be assigned to a few different qualified lawyers in various departments so that you can have a look around and see which department and area of law would suit you best. It also gives the law firm the chance to see where you would fit in well. You will be given tasks to do which may include short research tasks or drafting letters of advice to clients, which will then be read over by a qualified lawyer before they are sent to the client. A lot of interns get the chance to attend meeting with other lawyers and clients and many even get to go to tribunals, hearings and dispute settlements.

Are the internships paid?Some firms are in the position to pay their interns that stay with the firm for four - six weeks over the summer and a usually salary is around £200 to £500 per week but is subject to change every year as the profession develops. Most other firms only provide travel expenses and some do not provide any expenses at all. Magic circle firms like Slaughter and May, and Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP, tend to pay the most.

How can I apply?You should apply directly to the law firms themselves as there are no central processes for doing so at an undergraduate level. Law internships for undergraduates tend to be less formal than the ones for their postgraduate counterparts but this is for good reason in that the postgraduates are more highly qualified and are closer to completing their final exams before starting work. Most firms ask to see your CV and some ask for covering letters or application forms to be filled in. Each individual requirement will be on the law firm's website.


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