Language Teacher Nursery Jobs in London

Linguistics is the study of languages. Learning a language is a learned human ability to acquire a systematic form of communication. Some people have the ability to learn more than one language. There is a demand for people to learn new languages so that people in different countries can communicate, understand the values and norms of another culture. The United Kingdom has an education policy to teach foreign languages in nursery school as well as at the secondary grade school level.

Teacher Duties - The duties of a language teacher will vary according to the environment students are taught in. An English teacher will teach in non-profit organizations, adult schools, universities and colleges, private tutoring and other programs. Language teachers are involved in preparation of lesson plans in addition to teaching of language to foreign or local speakers. The language teacher's duties include writing, reading, grammar, speaking and listening training. Additional duties may include teaching accent reduction and pronunciation when learning a language.

Private Tutors - A private tutor can be hired by a family or organization to provide exclusive education or training to a individual or group of students. The private tutor is charged with responsibility to do an assessment of the needs of the students to know the strengths and weaknesses of the students. The tutor will gauge what level the student is at in their learning. The tutor prepares lesson plans that meet the specific objectives of the students needs and deliver the lesson. The tutor also acts as a resource for the student by providing information that helps in survival of the students within the language community.

Oral Language Education - Oral language teaching should not be neglected in a nursery classroom setting. Oral language is crucial to the development of literacy to a child. This includes speaking, writing skills, listening and reading. The nursery school learning environment enables the child to refine language patterns. A child's brain develops rapidly at a young age. They can quickly adapt and absorb new languages quickly. Nursery language teachers find out what works best for the child to aid them in their own development.

Teacher Qualifications - Obtaining language teacher jobs requires a variety of skills. Applicants should work well with children. Also, teachers must be fluent in at least one language. Qualified applicants would have been educated in early childhood development. Other skills include team building, patience and the ability to identify patterns that may hinder a child from learning a language.


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