Check out a career in labouring in Liverpool

The government's regional growth fund has promised to deliver 4,000 new jobs for the Liverpool City Region. With four billion pounds committed to physical regeneration, labouring jobs in Liverpool are sure to grow.

Labour is always needed in the construction industry and you don't need any formal qualification to do this job. However, you must have a health and safety pass also known as a CSCS card.

If you have good eyesight, manual dexterity and not afraid of hard work then labouring jobs in Liverpool will appeal to you. If you have construction experience or skills you have a better chance to find work.

Liverpool is changing and the city is experiencing rapid economic growth and urban renaissance. There are plans to expand the 3MG rail logistics site in Halton and there has been approval for a new industrial facility belonging to Ames Goldsmith UK.

As with most manual jobs, working as a labourer does offer good pay. By working hard you can move up the career ladder becoming a foreman or even setting up your own business. Most labourer jobs are full-time and you need to use the right tools to find one.

Job centres, radio stations and newspapers such as the Liverpool Echo and the Liverpool Daily Post provide up to date information on labouring jobs in Liverpool.

Jobsites and recruitment agencies can also take some of the hard work out of finding employment that matches your skills and requirements.

Construction companies are optimistic that activity will increase significantly this year so isn't it time you considered labouring jobs in Liverpool as a sound investment.

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