Interested in labourer jobs in New Zealand?

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Due to the devastating earthquake the country recently experienced and the massive reconstruction effort that is currently taking place there, there are countless labourer jobs available in New Zealand. It's the perfect opportunity for people in the UK and Ireland who are looking for the chance to work abroad.

There are several New Zealand based online recruitment agencies that are invaluable when you're searching for labourer jobs in New Zealand. Seek is the biggest of these and they have literally thousands of positions available in this area. But it's by no mean the only one; Careerjet, Trade Me and Best Jobs are all worth checking out for vacancies.

One of the most important things to do before applying for a labourer job in New Zealand is organise your residency visa. If you're not at least in the process of applying for a residency visa, employers won't want to know about you because of the extra hassle it puts on your recruitment. You can apply for, and receive, a residency visa for New Zealand from Visa First in 48 hours.

It's important that your CV is written in a 'New Zealand' style when you're looking for employment there. Job experts at any of the recruitment agencies mentioned earlier will be happy to provide you with help and advice on how to do this.

And remember that you may have to travel to New Zealand without a job secured. This is because many employers are unwilling to hire on an 'unseen' basis.


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