England has plenty of labourer jobs available!

Labourers are employed largely in the construction industry and provide a wide range of services. With the government committed to investment in infrastructure and construction companies optimistic that activity will increase this year, more labourer jobs in London and England are becoming available.

The work of labourers is important to keeping construction sites running smoothly from the start to the end of the build. The typical duties of a labourer include; cleaning up, moving materials, working with hand tools and generally assisting workers in completing the job.

Every person working on a construction site in the UK must have a health and safety pass also known as a CSCS card. They are an easy way to prove that you are competent in your occupation and have health and safety awareness.

Labour is always needed in the construction industry and you don't require any formal qualifications to do this job. Many labourers learn the requirements of their job through on-the-job training. However, those applying for labourer positions with experience or skills are more likely to be hired.

Applicants should be willing to work outside in a variety of weather conditions. They also need to be co-ordinated and physically robust.

The demand for labourer jobs in London and England is high and candidates must ensure that they are utilising every tool at their disposal to find work.

Job centres, radio stations and newspapers provide up to date information on labourer jobs.

Jobsites and recruitment agencies take some of the hard work out of finding a job and can offer a fast route to employment.

A construction labourer is a very important person on a construction site. After all, he is the one who is hard at work and has a very big hand in determining the quality of the overall structure. If you enjoy working with your hands and plenty of hours in the sun, then construction jobs in England are right for you.


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