Looking for labourer jobs in the West Midlands, England?

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One of the biggest employers in the West Midlands is the construction industry. Cities such as Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Coventry have a thriving building industry and create hundreds of labourer jobs in the West Midlands, England.

If you're looking for labourer jobs in the West Midlands, the first thing you need to do is pass the Health and Safety test. This can be booked with Construction Skills online or through their call centre. Without passing the test you won't be allowed on most construction sites in the UK. It costs £17.50 to take and there's a range of CDs, DVDs and books you can access to help you pass.

Recruitment websites are one of the best sources of labourer jobs in the West Midlands. Total Jobs, Job is Job and Indeed have hundreds of vacancies advertised in this industry. Upload a CV on the website, and you're ready to begin applying for positions. Lots of the big employers in the West Midlands use recruitment sites when they're hiring, and giving them access to your details is a no brainer.

And don't forget to register for email alerts of new vacancies that become available. Many jobs in construction require people for an immediate start and this is the best way of ensuring your name is one of the first in.

Labourers are expected to perform a wide range of duties on construction sites and could start the day driving a dumper and finish it stacking blocks. Most labourer jobs in the West Midlands offer wages of between £10 - £12 an hour.


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