Take a look at labourer jobs in Glasgow

The construction industry is a significant contributor to the Glasgow economy. Construction companies are optimistic that activity will increase this year providing good employment prospects for labourer jobs in Glasgow.

Labour is always needed in the construction industry and you don't need any formal qualification to do the job. However, you must have a health and safety pass also known as a CSCS card. Individuals applying for labouring jobs in Glasgow with construction experience or skills are more likely to be hired.

Glasgow is changing and new projects are continually coming on board. Work has commenced on the new 14 floor South Glasgow adult hospital and is due to be completed by 2015. It will be one of the largest acute hospitals in the UK.

City Building is a Glasgow based construction company involved in a diverse range of building projects and work programmes. They will be looking for additional labourers to assist in the completion of the new arenas and infrastructure required for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Additionally, many local and global construction companies operate in the city including Mactaggart and Mickel, Kier Homes, CCG (Holdings) and CBC Construction. Job seekers can apply directly to these companies and should keep an eye out for vacancies posted on their websites.

Jobcentres, local radio stations and newspapers such as the Evening Times, Glasgow Daily Times and the Herald regularly advertise situations vacant for labourer jobs in Glasgow.

Jobsites and recruitment agencies take some of the hard work out of finding a job and can be a fast route to employment.

Whatever way you go about finding labourer jobs in Glasgow, you can rest assured, that with a little graft and a lot of commitment your prospects are very good.

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