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The downturn in the economy has resulted in a shortage of new jobs to hit the market. However, things are slowly but surely picking up and job recruitment websites are reporting an increase in the amount of new jobs compared to the same time last year. If you are looking for the latest KY1 jobs, you have several places in the area where you can look.

Kirkcaldy is a small town near Fife on the east coast of Scotland. A largely dominant sector in this area is that of the service sector. One of the largest employers in the area is MGT. They have their state of the art call centre located in Kirkcaldy which employs hundreds of people, both full time and part time.

There are many different positions at MGT. They constantly require new telephone agents to look after their customer care issues. Telesales staff are also often required for both inbound and outbound sales. Positions can also be found for team leaders, management positions and multi-lingual positions. For more information about MGT, log onto mgtplc.com.

Kirkcaldy has several business and industrial parks in the local area. There are hundreds of units, employing thousands of people spread between four main parks. Mitchleson, Randolph, Hayfield and John Smith Business Park are all worth taking a look at.

Many positions in these parks can be found advertised online. To find these jobs and many other KY1 jobs, log onto one of the following:

  • Totaljobs.com
  • Jobisjob.co.uk
  • s1jobs.co.uk

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