Kick start your career with Knightsbridge Security recruitment

As one of the leading security guard suppliers in the United Kingdom, Knightsbridge Guarding Limited has built its reputation by standing out from the crowd and offering something a little different to its customers. Rather than focussing on taking any old job, Knightsbridge have a unique selling point that helps them retain an air of freshness in a market quickly becoming oversaturated with copy cat companies offering the same services for the same price.

At the heart of the Knightsbridge ethos is their insistence on focussing on what they call "Vision Clients". Knightsbridge describe vision clients as global brand leaders; big name, prestigious companies and corporations who understand and appreciate just how important security can be for their brand, and companies who enter into their security contracts with an eye on long term partnership and relationship building.

The Knightsbridge headquarters, the central facility where all their support and administrative services takes place, is located in the busy College Hill in Central London, and offers state of the art facilities that typify the groundbreaking approach taken by the company on all fronts.

When it comes to hiring new staff, Knightsbridge Security recruitment policies are very straight forward. They seek hard working, goal driven, trustworthy individuals who have a proven track record in security, and who are as enthusiastic and dedicated to delivering the best service possible as they are.

If that sounds like you, then you can apply for a position at the company in one of two ways. Firstly, you can take the digital approach and mail your CV and cover letter to recruitment@knightsbridgeguarding.co.uk. If you'd prefer to take the more tried and tested approach, you can post your CV to their head office at:

Knightsbridge Guarding Ltd. Victoria House, Ground Floor, 1-3 College Hill, London EC4R 2RA

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