How to find kitchen jobs

Work in kitchens can be fast paced and demanding and jobs can range from a porter, baker, head chef, chef’s assistant to a general assistant. The skill level and qualifications required for each of these roles therefore vary considerably.

There are numerous places where vacancies can be sought for kitchen jobs including restaurants, pubs, hotels and leisure complexes to name a few. Begin your job search in the local area and compile a list of the local organisations that employ kitchen staff. If you are not sure about which organisations these might be, a local telephone directory may help. Then, send out a few speculative applications by post or telephone the manager if you prefer, to ascertain whether they have any current vacancies and their application process. Always ensure though that if you are telephoning to enquire about vacancies you always have a copy of your CV ready to post or email the same day. If you opt to send some speculative applications by letter, you could begin utilising the internet to search for jobs while you await a response from your letters.

There are some very good websites where kitchen jobs can be sourced. The Staff Canteen is a catering based recruitment website, primarily for chefs. Another valuable website is Select hospitality which specialise in all areas of food and beverage and provide a plethora of job opportunities including chefs and an array of kitchen staff. In addition to these specialist catering recruitment websites, there are also a vast amount of general jobs websites where you could apply for jobs as a member of the kitchen team such as Monster, Total Jobs, or the Jobcentre website.

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