KFC pay scale

Fast food chains don’t pay a lot of money to their customer facing employees. That’s just the way it is but that doesn’t mean that you can’t earn okay money from KFC. The KFC pay scale begins at £4.20 per hour which doesn’t compare favourably with McDonalds as they pay at least £4.42, but it’s more than you can expect to earn from Burger King whose entry wage is an average of £3.84 per hour.
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UK minimum wage

The wage amounts we’re quoting are an average of the hourly rates paid out to employees of all ages. As fast food places have a lot of young employees, the average pay out is below the UK national minimum wage for adults which is set at £6.50 an hour. Check out gov.uk/national-minimum-wage if you have an questions about the UK’s minimum wage.

Store team leader

Of course there are lots of jobs with KFC that pay out more than £4.20 per hour including Store team leader roles which can give you anywhere between £5.80 and £7.34 an hour. These are the sorts of jobs that you have to work your way into.


If you join KFC, you’ll be eligible for the following benefits: childcare vouchers, pension and a bonus system that paid out £2.2 million to UK and Ireland employees in 2013. Salaried employees like restaurant managers and assistant manager are also eligible for the firm’s “Pick and Mix” flexible benefits scheme. This allows workers to choose whether to take benefits from categories including Finance and Protection, Health and Wellbeing, and Leisure and Lifestyle.

Joining KFC

Getting a job with KFC is made easier by their site kfc.co.uk/join-us. At the site you can check which KFCs are located in your area, review the available roles and find out more about the firm which currently has 24,000 UK and Ireland employees working in 870 restaurants.

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