Kew Gardens Jobs: Finding work at the Royal Botanic Gardens

During the winter probably isn't the time to be thinking about getting an outdoors job, but Kew Gardens jobs aren't restricted to working in the grounds of the world famous heritage site. The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew have plenty of opportunities available in areas as diverse as finance, administration and of course horticulture.

Horticultural Apprenticeship

Kew is a very successful scientific research institution so it could be the right place to learn your trade if you're studying botanical horticulture. You could study for a Kew Diploma in Horticulture over a three year period and earn money while you learn. The course concentrates on both practical and theoretical study, so you could be studying scientific and technical subjects while gaining experience and a wage.

World Heritage Site

Kew is a major visitor attraction with UNESCO World Heritage Site status so there are lots of jobs within the grounds. Full and part-time horticulturists roles are regularly advertised. You'll need a NVQ Level 2 qualification in horticulture or horticultural experience to apply.

Portfolio Management

Kew's mission is the "inspire and deliver science-based plant conservation worldwide" and if you take a role within Portfolio Management, you'll be at the forefront of the garden's activities. Project management experience is essential for this type of role, as is experience in a similar position.

Legacy and Stewardship

Co-ordinating the stewardship of major donors is one of the most important Kew Gardens jobs, and it could be pretty rewarding. This role involves administration and logistical support, so a good communicator who is willing to go the extra mile is required for this type of job.

Kew Gardens

If you want to help secure a future for some of the world's most threatened plants, Kew Gardens could be the place to work. Kew Gardens jobs offer something that similar jobs in other places can't match - the feeling that you're doing your bit to secure one of the country's most important cultural sites.

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