Thinking about jobs with Kent police?

If you have always wanted to work as a police officer then why not try and make your dream happen today? The Kent police force are always looking for bright new staff, and in this blog we are going to show you how you can go about applying for a position on this prestigious police force!

Recently voted one of the top 100 employers in the UK, Kent Police are extremely well regarded as one of the best run forces in the UK, and there is always a huge demand from other police forces around the UK to earn a transfer here. On their dedicated recruitment site at kent.police.uk/join_us/police_staff/police_staff_vacs.html you can check out the full range of vacancies open to you right now.

Kent Police offer roles as Police Officers, Police Community Support Officers and even volunteer roles, which are perfect for people looking to do their bit in their spare time. They police a massive area in South East England, with responsibility over the coast, ports in the area (including Dover) and the Channel Tunnel, meaning they are at the forefront of preventing drugs from entering the UK through the ports and channel tunnel.

To find out how to contact the Kent Police on joining their team, we recommend checking out their contact page on their site at kent.police.uk/contact_us/contact_us.html. Here you will find details on how to reach them by phone or email, so you can make your dream of joining the Kent Police move a step closer.


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