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Kent jobs in construction - specifically, entry-level labourer jobs - pay an average rate of £7.10 per hour, according to data from PayScale.

Typical construction jobs do not require any set qualifications and represent an option for school-leavers. Pay is primarily dependent on experience as opposed to academics, although specific professions within the construction field - such as architecture and planning, electrical and mechanical engineering, design and project management - are typically offered at the university level.

Professional qualifications and industry memberships may be more important than academic qualifications in terms of improving an individual's ability to get hired. One of the primary professional qualifications of the construction industry is the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS). The CSCS was set up to ensure greater standards of safety and competence, with specific guidelines and regulations for many different occupations within the construction field. At the time of writing, CSCS has issued more than 1.6 million CSCS safety cards to construction professionals.

If you are looking to get started in the construction field, but don't have experience, there are still Kent jobs in construction that will be suitable and allow you to get a foot in the door. Students in year 11, 12 and 13, and school-leavers aged 16-18 are eligible for the Kent apprenticeship program, which offers positions in construction, plumbing, electrical and engineering occupations, to name a few. Successful applicants get paid a minimum of £95 per week - but the average wage is closer to £170 - and all costs towards qualifications are paid by the Kent Learning and Skills Council.

Despite the economic downturn, Kent jobs in the area of construction appear to be relatively stable. Renovation efforts along the Kent seafront and new development initiatives in a number of Kent towns will provide for construction opportunities over the next several years.

The Kent County Council website reports significant development plans for Kent highway development. The Council launched the "Bold Steps for Kent" initiative in December 2010, described as a "medium-term plan" for Kent regeneration and growth. The Council proposes "radical changes" and will focus specifically on delivering new housing and infrastructure - all promising signs for Kent jobs in construction.


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