Keep your finger on the pulse...with a job in retail!

Failing that, you could very well end up with an enviable career in retail as there are numerous job positions and prospects in the retail world - so if you think it only offers cashier positions, think again...retail could be the glitzy, enduring and fulfilling career you've always dreamed of.

Retail jobs span much further than the cashier you come into contact with every day - and there really is a job in retail to suit everyone's needs, experience and prospects. A few to think about are: buyers, merchandisers, stockers, managers, corporate managers, HR and administration assistants, security officers, and store owners.

Which area suits you and your ambitions best? If you want to break into the fashion and designing world, for example, starting out in a buying or stocking is a great idea. It is extremely useful for giving you an idea of the kind of work involved and it also gives you an opportunity to build several good and lasting contacts in the retail world.

Retail is also the perfect option for those looking for part-time and seasonal work as the long shop opening hours and busy Christmas, Easter and Sale periods means that they need more flexible staff.

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