Junior beauty therapist jobs are easy to find

Many openings exist for junior beauty therapist jobs, whether in a beauty salon in a town or city, abroad in hotels, in a holiday resort or on a cruise ship. Other junior beauty therapists work either from their own home or in the client's home.

It is necessary to undergo some formal training to become a junior beauty therapist. There are a number of beauty schools that offer well recognised courses in Beauty Therapy. One such school is the Galligan Beauty Group located on Grafton St. Dublin. The aspiring beauty therapist can do a full time or part-time course. The part-time course enables the student to sit the ITEC and CIBTAC examinations. The full time course leads to the prestigious CIDESCO diploma which is an internationally recognised qualification within the beauty industry.

Subjects studied are facial therapy which includes facial massage, waxing, manicure, pedicure, eye treatments and make- up, body therapy and electrology.

Junior beauty therapist jobs usually pay in the region of 12,500 Euro but tips from clients supplement this basic salary. Commission, based on products sold to clients, can also boost the salary.

As the need to look good has become increasingly important in the 21st century, the demand for junior beauty therapist jobs has increased accordingly.Vacancies are advertised on many websites such as Irishjobs.ie and gumtree.ie.

Career progression from junior beauty therapist level to senior level can take up to two years of working in a beauty salon with a commensurate rise in salary to 16,000 Euro.

A survey has found that beauty therapist jobs give great job satisfaction.

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