Judge salary in the UK

UK judges are part of a group of public sector workers who experienced salary freezes during the year 2009 to 2013. Since that time their wages have only increased by 1% per annum. A judges salary in the UK isn’t among the lowest in the world but following the wage increase freeze, judges feel that their position within society and the respect they earn has also decreased.
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Senior salaries review body

A study carried out by the senior salaries review body shows that over 60% of judges believe that they are less respected by the public than they were 10 years before. Caseloads were said to be too high by 46% of judges in England and Wales, while only 27% UK tribunal judges agreed with this assessment of their workloads.The survey concluded that, although judges earn well compared with other members of society, their income has decreased in real terms due to the freezes and minor wage increases they’ve experienced over the past few years. Putting the question of wages aside, most judges said that they don’t carry out the job for the financial rewards it comes with, but to make a difference by “confronting significant human suffering, loss and family breakdowns or untangling business transactions with livelihoods and businesses at stake.”


Although they attribute part of this loss of status to their salaries, they still earn a decent amount when compared to the UK’s average wage of £26,000 per year. Salaries range from £83,000, which is what members of the social entitlement chamber can expect to earn, to as high as £245,000, which is what the lord chief justice of England and Wales takes home each year. Crown Court judges get somewhere in between those numbers as their wage package amounts to £131,000 a year.

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