Major projects creating joinery jobs in Manchester

Construction activity has doubled in Manchester so far this year. With the industry continuing to grow despite the recession, joinery jobs in Manchester are being created.

New projects like the 1,200-bedroom student halls in Oxford and the Co-op's new eight hundred million pounds headquarters on Miller Street are giving the joinery industry a much needed boost.

Joiners and woodmachinists design, manufacture and assemble wooden components, for example built-in cupboards according to needs and specification. They spend their time in a workshop where they use different hand tools as well as electrical machine-tools.

There are no specific entry requirements to become a joiner, but some employers may prefer you to complete an apprenticeship and gain a National Certificate in Joinery.

Joinery firms operating in Manchester include, Acorn Timber and Joinery Ltd., Garrif Construction Ltd., Trafford Joinery Ltd., Darcy Joinery Ltd. and Urmston Joinery.

These businesses provide services for all types of joinery such as carpentry, window replacement, door design, staircases and much more. Tradesmen and workshop operatives can apply for jobs by either sending in their CV or applying online on the recruitment pages of the companies websites.

With construction gaining momentum in Manchester, job centres, local radio stations and newspapers such as the Manchester Guardian and the Manchester Evening News are advertising joinery jobs in Manchester as they arise.

Jobsites like indeed.co.uk and jobisjob.co.uk operate a job search and job by email service for individuals seeking joinery work.

With optimism and increased activity in the construction industry meaning more joinery jobs in Manchester, it can only be good news for the city.


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