Everything you wanted to know about joinery jobs in England

Skilled workers are in high demand everywhere, there can be no doubt about it. As the youth of today turn away from using their hands in favour of electronic occupations, those skilled in the manual arts are becoming more and more in demand. One particular area that's looking good for prospective workers is joinery jobs. England in particular offers countless opportunities for experienced and skilled joiners, it's just a matter of knowing where to look.

For those of you confused as to the difference between a joiner and a regular carpenter, it's actually quite simple. Regular carpenter, although exceptionally highly skilled, vary quite a lot from joiners in that they generally use nails and screws in order to join materials. While there is certainly nothing wrong with this, many jobs can require that the finish be a little more aesthetically pleasing, which means no nails and no screws.

This is where the joiner comes in. It's his job to expertly cut wood to precise measurement requirements so that pieces can slot together without the need for ugly nail or screw marks. This is particularly sought after when it comes to the crafting of fine furniture which, as you know, is a pricey commodity.

While many joiners source their work from reputation or existing contacts, the internet (as always) offers a range of different avenues to explore in the pursuit of work. Many UK job sites offer specific sections for highly specialised fields like joinery, which can often make finding the right job a little easier - especially given the lack of new blood working in the field.

Check out the following websites who excel at hosting offers of joinery jobs in England:


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