Are you looking for joinery job vacancies?

Due to the fact that the construction industry suffered a fairly major collapse in 2008, it has proven to be quite difficult for those who work in the manual trades to find work in the past few years. While this is true for most woodworkers, people looking for joinery job vacancies have actually had an easier time of finding them than those who are more at home working in general carpentry.

While many people get confused between the two, and don't realise that they are in fact very different positions and careers, there are a number of things that make joinery substantially different from carpentry. While carpenters are skilled at working in a wide range of different situations, joiners are much more specialised, using intricate techniques to join wood without the use for nails.

This highly skilled profession is one that is always in demand due to the high consumer interest in well produced materials. In order to work as a joiner, you'll need to have plenty of experience working in the field. It is becoming increasingly difficult for new joiners to get their foot in the door due to the fact that many companies have started to cut back on their expenses, and simply can't justify bringing an untried worker on board.

The average wage for a joiner in the United Kingdom right now is between £12.00 and £16.00 per hour, depending on the company that they work for and the kind of work they are carrying out. There are a number of resources online that can help you to find joinery job vacancies, in particular, we recommend you check out the following;

  • totaljobs.com
  • jobrapido.co.uk
  • indeed.co.uk./joiner-jobs
  • ukjobsnet.co.uk/joinery-jobs

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