John Lewis jobs Hamilton

John Lewis is one of the largest department store franchises in the UK today meaning that if you pick up a role in the company, you will be in a secure and well paying position. We will guide you through some of the John Lewis jobs on offer in Hamilton.

Customer Service Department

There are lots of John Lewis jobs available in Hamilton as their Contact Centre is located in the International Business Park in the heart of the city. The Contact Centre houses the customer service department and there are regular job openings in this busy building.

There are both part time and full time positions available in customer service. There is constant demand for new customer service advisors in the service department. These positions typically pay somewhere between £7.15 and £9.15 per hour depending on your level of experience.

Another job that needs to be filled in Hamilton is that of customer service team manager. This position comes with more responsibility than customer service advisors and this is reflected in the pay. An experienced team manager can earn up to £13.65 per hour. If you do not have a lot of experience then there is also the possibility of you getting the position at an entry level rate of £9.70 per hour. From here you can work your way up towards £13.65 per hour.

Team Manager is a challenging role where you would work closely with a Department Manager. Together, you will have to come up with new and innovative ideas to help John Lewis reach its targets.

Where to Find Job Postings

The Hamilton hub is such a busy location that new positions come up quite regularly with John Lewis. You can find the most up to date and latest John Lewis jobs in Hamilton on Waitrose Jobs (www.waitrosejobs.com). You can also put the search by location tool on Indeed (www.indeed.co.uk) to good use to narrow down your search for John Lewis jobs in Hamilton.

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