Jobseekers allowance for students

If you’re a hard up student eating baked beans and smoking rolled up cigarettes with a can of the cheapest supermarket brand beer in your hand you might be wondering whether you can get benefits to help improve your lifestyle. Well, we’ve had a look into that for you and found out that there are some situations in which you can get jobseekers allowance for students.
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In order to get jobseekers allowance you need to be over 18 years old, although there are some exceptions if you’re 16 or 17. You can’t be in full time education and you have to be available for work. Those final two points are the ones that basically mean that students can’t claim benefits but there’s a small gap made available for some students.

Summer holidays

If you have a family to support, you might be able to claim jobseekers allowance during the summer break. This is a small concession that the government have put into this social benefit which some of you could make use of. Anyone with kids will realise that you need as much money as possible so this isn’t the sort of financial aid that will go far so our advice if you’re in this position, is to look into other forms of government help. Why not put the search term “benefits for families” into gov.uk to get more information on what’s out there for you.


Well what more can you ask for? Students already have all the time in the world, very little pressure and some hope for a bright future. State benefits would be the icing on the cake but this isn’t going to happen for the majority of students so save your pennies and enjoy the time until you’ve got to work full time.

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