Important information for any jobseeker in Ireland

The most important thing for any jobseeker in Ireland is to have an action plan. Whether you are applying for your first job, looking for a career change or re-entering the job market you must have a clear understanding of yourself and your needs. You need to decide on the job that best suits your skills, qualifications and requirements and research employment opportunities.

Online is probably the easiest and quickest way to find vacancies. If you know what you want try to stick to specialist websites dedicated to your profession. You can search jobs by location and salary, upload a CV and receive job email alerts.

It is very important to have a professional-looking CV. It is an essential part of any job application and its sole purpose is to get you called for an interview. An effective CV should contain:

  • Personal Details
  • Educational Background
  • Employment History
  • Interests and Hobbies
  • Referees

The final draft should be critiqued or proof-read by someone in a position of authority. A cover letter should always be sent with the CV, in which you refer to the position for which you are applying and highlight your particular qualifications for the position and your interest in the job.

With an effective CV you need to use all the available resources to find your ideal job. Recruitment agencies, company open days, employment fairs, FAS and newspapers should all be utilised.

Many a jobseeker in Ireland will apply speculatively to businesses in which they have an interest in working. It is crucial to research any company you apply to. Relevant information can be found on the internet, trade journals and annual reports. Always remember to follow up any application you make.


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