Are you a jobseeker with FAS? Find out all about their new look website

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FAS is the national training and employment authority of Ireland and is a government based initiative. With 66 regional offices around Ireland and a brand new look website, being a jobseeker with FAS gives you a benefit of finding work that others haven't got.

A condition of getting social benefits in Ireland is that you are currently seeking employment. Another condition is that you register with FAS and let them help you find suitable work. You must attend interviews on a regular basis and find ways to make you more employable. This could mean attending a course or a CV workshop.

They have recently renovated their website, which had become a little bit dated. The new look website is a pleasure to use and can be found at the same web address: Jobseeker.fas.ie.

When you log onto the website, you have a range of different options that you can search for. They have many vacancies in the following:

  • Jobs both full time and part time
  • Employment programme
  • Apprenticeships
  • Graduate work placement programmes
  • Self employed positions
  • Internships

You can also choose your location from the drop down menu or find positions in a certain sector. This will ensure that you are only seeing vacancies that interest you.

If you need help with anything to do with finding suitable employment, FAS are there to help. Simply call into one of their local branches and arrange an interview. They are very nice to deal with and offer an understanding and professional service.

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