How to carry out a successful jobsearch in London

There are many jobs sites for the UK, and these include jobs in London. However for a jobsearch in London there are also more focused and dedicated jobs sites specifically for London. We will introduce you to the best ones to help you get your jobsearch of to the best possible start.

Why not check out londonjobs.co.uk to see what jobs they have to offer you. This is a great jobs site and you are able to search for jobs by title or by location in London. There is a section called Top Sectors which lists the areas in which the most jobs are available at any given time. At the moment the listed top sectors are Accountancy, Sales and Engineering.

Visit justlondonjobs.co.uk to get access to even more jobs in London. You can search part-time or full-time jobs, permanent or contract positions. There is also a handy little section on the homepage allowing you to search by borough in London narrowing your search to suit your needs. You can also search by annual salary expectations and even the age of job ads as they have been advertised on Just London Jobs.

As usual you can upload your CV to both these sites in the hope that someone in some HR department finds your CV and is suitably impressed to offer you an interview. With these two job sites your jobsearch in London will have a better chance of success.

Good luck in securing that dream position!


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