How to find jobs with Zara retail

Zara is a Spanish-based clothing company which has become one of the leading clothing retailers in Europe and the rest of the world. In the UK alone there is a total of 64 Zara stores, while Ireland hosts nine outlets. Zara is the flagship brand of the Inditex Group and all jobs with Zara in retail, product management and administration are offered through Inditex.

In total Inditex employs approximately 90,000 people throughout the world. Available positions in the UK and Ireland include Window Dressers, Cashiers and Managers. Window Dressers are required to design the window displays for multiple stores within a given region. They must ensure that the products on display are up-to-date and that they meet commercial and aesthetic guidelines. In order to apply for this position, experience in Window Dressing is required. Pay rates are available upon application.

Cashiers with Zara are reminded that they are responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction during the sales process. They must be efficient when processing sales, returns and exchanges, and be comfortable with opening and closing cash desk procedures. Previous experience is essential when applying for these positions, along with excellent customer service skills. Positions on the shop floor in Zara are advertised as Sales roles. The requirements are similar to those for the cashier positions, but additional duties include working in the fitting rooms and product placement.

Currently available jobs with Zara in retail and management are advertised on the Inditex website at joinfashioninditex.com. All vacancies throughout the world are advertised here, but results can be filtered by country and location.


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