10 jobs you can do from home in the UK

Want to work from home but not sure how to go about it? Here ae ten jobs you can do from home in the Uk!

  1. Website consulting: do you know what it takes to create a good website? Could you give advice to companies on how to improve theirs? If so, this could be the role for you!
  2. Freelance writing: if you've got a way with words and a creative flair, freelance writing could be for you. Many writing jobs are now directed at the digital market, so you'll need SEO and CMS knowledge.
  3. Graphic design: as more and more companies take to the virtual world, the demand for skilled graphic designers who can work online has grown.
  4. eBay: buy goods wholesale and sell them on eBay for a profit - what starts as a hobby could quickly become a successful business.
  5. Pet sittings: yes, we Britons love our pets and we're willing to pay good money to ensure that they have somewhere nice to stay when we go on holidays.
  6. Envelope stuffing: lots of companies still do traditional mail shots and they require hard working staff who are willing to package their envelopes in the correct manner.
  7. Telesales: many major companies allow their sales staff to be based in their own homes. You simply log on to your computer and phone system during working hours.
  8. Crafts: as consumers look away from chain brand and towards unique products, home made goods are becoming more and more popular.
  9. Transcription: if you have good typing skills then you could work at home as a transcriber of audio tapes.
  10. Your job?: An estimated 20% of Britons could perform their current role at home. Check with your HR department to see if it's a possibility!

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