Jobs working from home: is stuffing envelopes a scam?

In short, the answer to the question: 'jobs working from home: is stuffing envelopes a scam?' is YES. Please give these type of jobs as wide berth. The ads may look appealing, but they're full of empty promises. Here are just a few that we came across today:

  • Envelope stuffing for cash!
  • Work at home stuffing envelopes - earn £3 per envelope!
  • Make £1,000 per week stuffing envelopes from home!
  • Work from home stuffing envelopes! Earn £25 per hour

These ads sound too good to be true - and they are. They'll ask you for a sign up fee, which is usually around £30. This sign up fee may also be described as a "starter pack" or an "information pack". But no legitimate work will ever come - just details about how you can continue the scam in order to recoup your money.

Think about it - if a company needed work done, why would you pay them to do it? In fact, we would urge you to to avoid all jobs that ask for an upfront fee (unless you are a freelancer and need to purchase equipment or software - but even then, be wary). Real jobs will pay you money.

Secondly, why would any company require people to stuff envelopes for them? Printers and machinery can print contents and envelopes, fold them, stuff them, address them and even stamp them for a couple of pence each. And these machines are very affordable.

Printing and delivering the items to someone's home and paying them even £2 per hour (never mind £25) makes no sense.

Please, be cautious and don't fall for this scam.

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