Where can you get jobs working from home in the UK?

Are you interested in jobs working from home in the UK? There are a number of promising positions open to anyone with the right skills, experience and dedication. Here we look at some of the major industries and job roles that may be offered on a work from home basis.

Telesales industry

The telesales has had major problems with staff turnover, and many companies have gone out of business simply because they couldn’t retain staff and were spending all their profits on training new recruits. One solution to this has been to outsource jobs to telecommuters or freelancers, who have lower turnover rates.

Travel industry

Some of the best travel staff are the most passionate ones, but it can be hard to be passionate when you’re cooped up in an office or call centre all day. Work from home travel advisors tend to have a lower turnover rate and a higher conversion rate.

Admin industry

During the recession of 2008 and the economic turmoil that followed, many companies looked for ways to save money. Outsourcing admin and data entry work to freelancers was one of these. Employers can offer a lower salary for work from home jobs than office based jobs and still attract good candidates.

Creative industry

Creative types often produce the best results when left to their own devices. Office spaces aren’t always conducive to creative work like writing or designing, so many employers are happy to let their staff work from home, or contract freelancers to complete specific assignments.


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