Tips for jobs working abroad in bars

Interested in jobs working abroad in bars? We've spoken to dozens of people who've done it and rounded up some of their best tips...

  • Bar jobs are seldom advertised. If you want to find one, the best way is to print off lots of copies of your CV (and have it translated, if necessary), then call in at as many bars as you can and ask to speak to the manager on duty.
  • It's hard to find a job behind the bar without having some experience. Most bar tenders started as glass collectors or bar backs until they gained enough experience to work behind the taps. If you don't have experience, aim for other positions in the bar, like the two mentioned above, or cleaners and dish washers.
  • However, the right personality can go a long way in this industry. If you get to speak to the manager, let them know that you are honest, hard working, enthusiastic and easy to get along with. You'll need all of these qualities when working behind a busy bar.
  • The best time to ask about job vacancies is often on a Sunday morning. This is usually a quiet time in bars so the manager is more likely to have a chance to speak to you, plus the memory of another hectic Saturday night will be fresh in their heads - making the prospect of an extra pair of hands very attractive.
  • When you start working behind a bar, quickly find out whether tips are pooled or not - this will avoid any bad blood later.


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