Jobs with Tesco home delivery

You can find a good variety of jobs working for Tesco but if you have the right skills you can work in a higher paying position. Since the introduction of the home delivery service jobs in Tesco for home delivery have become available - all you really need is a driving licence, possibly allowing you to drive a HGV, and you could earn just a bit more than any retail position.

Most depot jobs only involve the delivery of products from the warehouse to processing plants and stores, which may also include long hours over night. The home delivery service, however, only works fixed hours so you won't have to worry about working overtime to deliver food to 24 hour stores. As the job requires extra qualifications (i.e., you HGV licence in some cases) and possibly more training you should expect to receive more than an average retail wage, but this is entirely dependant on the job description posted by Tesco.

You can expect your main responsibilities as a home delivery driver to be:

  • Delivering products to homes in a timely manner.
  • Delivering the correct orders to each home.
  • Assisting in delivering items (if you're not the driver).
  • Providing excellent and friendly customer service to home delivery customers.
  • Working within a team and effectively managing resources.
  • Filling out time sheets, delivery notes and any other paper work as required.

If you're interested in jobs with Tesco home delivery service then visit their website at tesco-careers.com and look for vacancies in your area.


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