Jobs with no age requirement

There aren’t many jobs with no age requirement. Physical labour jobs tend to call for younger people because older guys might not be able to pull their weight. Responsible positions call for maturity so the very youngest workers are often pushed aside for those in their prime.
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The law

Having said all that, employers can’t use your age as a reason for not hiring you. If they do, they’re breaking a law which was put in place to make sure that age discrimination in the workplace doesn’t continue. This law is the reason why your date of birth is taken off of your CV by the recruitment agent. It’s something that benefits the country’s oldest workers but it also has an effect on those entering work.

Age discrimination

All aspects of your working life are protected under this law. That includes your recruitment, your employment terms and conditions, your right to promotions and transfers, training and of course dismissal. Due to this law firms have to make sure that their redundancy policy doesn't directly or indirectly discriminate against older workers, and that their job adverts don’t call for people of a certain age.

Jobs with age limits

Some professions have to have age limits. One such one is the police force. Applications can be accepted at the age of 18. There is no upper age limit for applying to the police service, but as the normal retirement age is 60, you might not be looked on favourably if you can’t serve the station your applying to for as long as other applicants. The British Army is another institution that doesn’t accept everyone. Obviously you will be expected to reach the highest standards in order to get into the Army but you’ll also have to be more than 16 years old. To join as a regular officer you need to be between 18 and 26. If you’re over this age, you should try the Army Reserves who currently take applicants up to the age of 32.

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