How to find jobs at Westfield shopping centre in London

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Like almost every industry in the UK, retail was hit with a job shortage over the last few years. Thankfully, things have started to improve and you can now find a number of exciting new jobs at Westfield shopping centre in London. The Westfield shopping centre comprises of more than 300 designer and high street labels all under one roof.

Before you start applying to jobs you need to make sure your CV will stand out from the crowd. Make sure you have no spelling or grammar mistakes. Also, make sure any previous experience on your CV actually relates to the job you are applying for.

Now that you're CV is looking its best, it's time to start job hunting. You should pick a quiet time to apply for jobs, such as a weekday evening. You will find all sorts of fashion outlets, department stores, pharmacies and toy shops as well as loads more. Part time workers are usually required by these stores to work evenings and weekends.

There is also a cinema at the Westfield. They regularly require part timers to work as seat ushers or sales assistants. This is a great opportunity for anyone who has limited retail experience. You could expect to earn about £6 per hour working in a cinema in the UK.

As well as shops and entertainment, there are loads of cafes and restaurants in the complex. Again, these jobs are great for anybody who has little or no experience in the retail sector. You might only be paid the minimum wage but the tips can be great, especially in some of the restaurants.


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